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Tensegrity stool DXF file

Tensegrity stool DXF file

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 Tensegrity or tensional integrity is a structural principle which uses tension or compression to create seemingly physics defying objects. With this DXF file you will get the know-how to make a wooden chair/stool. This can be the starting point for new interesting woodworking projects involving tensegrity in a practical way. Sometimes this type of project is called floating compression and it’s no wonder why. It allowed for the creation of this AWESOME floating chair!

When we first saw other similar projects we KNEW that we needed to figure out how to make our own floating furniture and the reaction from others was Amazing. Everyone was amazed by the floating chair and they could not believe how it was being held up and together by just rope.

The good news is that it isn’t that hard to cut out and put together. All you need is some plywood and some rope. We used a CNC to cut out the parts, sanded the rough edges and then it was just a matter of putting it together. You too can make a Floating Chair at home!

The design can be cut on 600 x 900 mm (2 x 3 ft) CNC router and bigger.

*The files are adjusted to fit both metric and imperial standards for materials and tools


420 mm (height) x 320 mm (length) x 320 mm (width)

16-17/32 (height) x 12-19/32 (length) x 12-19/32 (width)

Required materials:

For 600 x 900 mm (2 x 3 ft) CNC and bigger 

  • 1 sheet of 890 x 350 x 18 mm (35-1/2 x 14 x 3/4 inches) plywood
  • 6 mm (¼ inch) router bit for dogbones
  • 4 m (13 ft) of string (that can hold up to 200 kg (400 pounds))

Assembling time:

30 minutes

Delivery time:

30 seconds

After completing the order, you will receive the DXF design file to your email within seconds.



If your plywood sheet is thicker or thinner than expected, send the number of your purchase and the actual thickness to We will send you the updated DXF design file for free.

The product may differ from the representative images when cut and assembled. We hope you will enjoy your purchase from Aribabox. 

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