Storage Shelf DXF file
Storage Shelf DXF file
Storage Shelf DXF file
Storage Shelf DXF file
Storage Shelf DXF file
Storage Shelf DXF file
Storage Shelf DXF file

Storage Shelf DXF file

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Adjustable wood shelving for well-organized life

"Thank God my garage is full again," said no one ever. We hate storage limitations, and we are not alone. Anyone can lose nerve over misplacing an important item under a pile of clutter. If you struggle with organizing your garage, basement or office, the missing piece may be the adjustable wood shelving units.


Is plywood good material for shelves?

Plywood is an engineered wood that consists of cross-grained layers (called "veneers"). It's a great material for shelves because of qualities like price, durability, and being eco-friendly.



    Plywood is more affordable than solid wood. For CNC machine operators, purchasing a plywood sheet and Aribabox DXF design is an inexpensive way to get high-quality wood shelving. Even if you don't own a CNC router and have to hire a woodworker, it is still cheaper than buying durable storage shelves in a store.

    Large size sheets

      Plywood comes in large sheets, so it only takes one 2500*1250*18mm sheet to make this storage shelf.

      Strong and durable

        Unlike natural (solid) wood, the strength of the plywood sheet is distributed evenly along grains, regardless of the direction. The cross-layered structure of plywood ensures greater durability. It also makes furniture more resistant to sharp blows and splitting, compared to natural wood.


          Having a plywood storage rack in your office or basement gives a warm and cozy feeling of wood. Yet it's an eco-friendly product too. The process of making this engineered wood requires less timber than making solid wood products.


          Which plywood grade should you choose for a shelf?

          You should use furniture grade plywood for office or dining room shelves, while the B/C grade is good enough for garage, pantry or basement storage units. Just take into account that C grade plywood may contain some places of fallen-out branches. Having these places in joints may reduce the durability of the shelf.


          How to build a wooden storage rack?

          This storage rack requires one 2500*1250*18mm sheet of plywood and 8mm spindle (for dogbones). If you want additional sections, it will require another sheet of plywood. Once assembled, you will be able to freely change the position of sections to match the size of your stored items.

          You will need 15 minutes to assemble parts. No glues, nails or screws required.


          Buy a DXF file and cut out your storage shelf today

          To cut out wood projects, CNC machine use blueprints (also called patterns, plans or designs) - files in DXF format.

          When you have a DXF design file, you can just input the file into the CNC router and let the machine do the cutting. If you don't own a CNC machine, that's fine - in almost every neighborhood there is a woodworker who uses a CNC router.

          To cut out your project today, press "Add to Cart." After completing the purchase you will receive DXF template file in your inbox within seconds.


          We hope you will enjoy your purchase from Aribabox. The pictures given for each item serve as a representation. The product may differ when cut and assembled.