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Simple Push Stick with a Handle DXF file

Simple Push Stick with a Handle DXF file

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Do you work in a shop that uses rotating blades? Are you concerned about the safety of all your digits? Then a Push stick is the exact simple item that you need to keep yourself safe from harm. 

You already know how a push stick works and how to use it. All you need is to make it and put it to good use. It’s a push stick! Simple!


The design can be cut on a 600 x 900 mm (2 x 3 ft) CNC router and bigger.


350 mm (length) x 240 mm (height)

13-25/32 inches (length) x 9-½ inches (height)

Required materials:

For one push stick:

  • 400 x 300 mm sheet of plywood (16 x 11-½ inches)

The material thickness is up to you, however, we recommend using at least 9 mm (⅜ inch) thick plywood.

  • 6 mm (3/16 inch) router bit

Delivery time:

30 seconds

After completing the order, you will receive the DXF design file in your email within seconds.



The product may differ from the representative images when cut and assembled. We hope you will enjoy your purchase from Aribabox.

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