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Wood scooter for adults is becoming more popular

We believe wood scooters were invented by children. These wooden vehicles didn't have a motor, thus the name "kick scooters" or "push scooters." When grown-ups grasped the genius of this invention, they decided that adults can ride scooters too.

In the last years, many adults have ditched bicycles and metros for scooters. And their numbers are climbing. Why? Because scooters have turned out to be amazing for:

  • urban traveling
  • improving health
  • successful career

Benefits of driving a scooter


When using a bicycle, it's hard to navigate crowded streets and sidewalks at low speed. Scooter lets you do this easily. You can also take a scooter inside public transport and buildings. While being lighter than a bike and taking up less space, it is still a vehicle that lets you travel much faster than on foot.


Using scooter feels easy, yet it employs muscles in every part of your body. Back, abs, upper body, hips, thigh - so many muscles are getting a little bit stronger with every ride. While running can sometimes harm your joints and tendons, driving a scooter keeps them safe. It is also a more reliable weight-loss option since low-intensity exercises don't require a ton of willpower.


Just like any cardiovascular activity, riding a scooter will pump your blood, increase oxygen circulation and create serotonin (hormone of happiness). As a result, driving the scooter to work gives you more energy and a better mood during the day. When you get more done, you also get more paid. And when it's time for lunch, you can ride to that amazing cafe that is too far away to walk.


How to build a wooden scooter for an adult?

Building a wooden scooter for adults requires a lot of time and precision. It's much easier if the woodworker has a CNC (computer numerical control) machine. CNC router is a device that cuts out pieces from plywood. These pieces are cut out so precisely you can assemble them into a fully functional scooter all by yourself. You only need 25 minutes. No nails or screws required.

To cut out a scooter, you need one 1350*750*15 mm sheet of plywood for the main scooter parts and 200*300*6.5 mm plywood for breaks, rubber tile for tires (400*400*20 mm) and 4 bearings (inner diameter – 44 mm; outer diameter – 67 mm)


Buy a DXF file and cut out your scooter today

To cut out wood projects, CNC routers use instructions (also called blueprints or designs) - files in DXF format.

When you have a DXF design file, you can just input the file into the CNC router and let the machine do the cutting. If you don't own a CNC machine, that's fine - in almost every neighborhood there is a woodworker who uses a CNC device.

To cut out your project today, press "Add to Cart." After completing the purchase you will receive DXF design file in your inbox within seconds.

We hope you will enjoy your purchase from Aribabox. The pictures given for each item serve as a representation. The product may differ when cut and assembled.