Cube shelf DXF file
Cube shelf DXF file
Cube shelf DXF file

Cube shelf DXF file

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Do you want more order and structure? The Cube shelf demonstrates you mean business! In symbolic geometry, square shapes represent stability and trustworthiness - no wonder they are so widely used in banking logos. This Cube shelf consists of eight cubes, representing The Perfect Order.



795mm (height) x 955mm (width) x 180mm (depth)


Required materials:

  • One sheet of plywood (1650mm x 1250mm x 12mm)
  • One 6mm spindle for dogbones


Assembly time:

15 minutes


Delivery time:

30 seconds

After completing the order, you will receive the DXF design file to your email within seconds.




If your plywood sheet is thicker or thinner than expected, send the number of your purchase and the actual thickness to We will send you the updated DXF design file for free.


The product may differ from the representative images when cut and assembled. We hope you will enjoy your purchase from Aribabox.