Children's Chair DXF file
Children's Chair DXF file
Children's Chair DXF file
Children's Chair DXF file
Children's Chair DXF file
Children's Chair DXF file
Children's Chair DXF file

Children's Chair DXF file

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Ergonomic wooden chair for children is cheaper than ever

You want the best for your child's health, success, and happiness. For many parents, choosing an ergonomic chair is not their top priority. Yet having ergonomic children size furniture is a smart investment. With Aribabox, it has never been so inexpensive than today.


Ergonomics should start at the playroom

Every adult benefits from a comfortable and healthy chair. Did you know that children benefit even MORE? Childhood is a time of growth - that includes bones, muscles, and healthy habits. If kids get accustomed to proper sitting at an early age, they will continue good sitting habits as adults. You will have the satisfaction of having protected them from chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.


Make the children's chair by yourself

You can have even more satisfaction if you make the chair for your child yourself! This piece of wood furniture will become a constant reminder of your love care. Its material is plywood - an engineered wood that is eco-friendly and often even more durable than solid wood.


How to make a kid’s chair?

It's very easy to build a chair for your child. Woodworkers use CNC routers – highly precise cutting machines that will cut out all required parts from a single sheet of plywood. After the parts have been cut out, you can assemble them by yourself. Assembling a chair only takes 5 minutes - no glue, nails or screws required.

If you don't own a CNC machine, that's fine – there is a CNC woodworker in almost every neighborhood. If you search “eco friendly wood chair” in Amazon, you will see that hiring a CNC operator is a lot cheaper than buying a high-quality chair online.

As mentioned before, building a kid's chair requires just a single sheet of plywood (1000*400*12mm) as well as a 4 mm spindle (for dogbones).


Buy a DXF file and cut out your kid's chair today

To cut out wood projects, the CNC machine uses blueprints (also called patterns, plans or designs) - files in DXF format.

When you have a DXF design file, you can just input the file into the CNC router and let the machine do the cutting. If you don't own a CNC router, send the DXF design file to your local woodworker.

To cut out your project today, press "Add to Cart." After completing the purchase you will receive the DXF template file in your inbox within seconds. 


Do you want a wooden table and chair set?

A chair should always match a desk, say experts of ergonomics. Since you know the importance of having a comfortable, beautiful, and sturdy chair for your child, you may also want to get a desk.

Aribabox's chair and the table match each other perfectly, making a great set of child furniture. Click here to see the table.


Is your plywood sheet thicker/ thinner than expected? We will update the DXF file for free.

We hope you will enjoy your purchase from Aribabox. The pictures given for each item serve as a representation. The product may differ when cut and assembled.

If the DXF plan has to be updated to more precisely match the thickness of your plywood sheet, please send the number of your purchase and the actual thickness to We will update the design file and send it to you for free.